Contact Energy's application was notified - August 25 2001.

Submissions must be in with the ORC, Private Bag 1954, Dunedin by 5pm on 23 October 2001.

A copy must also be sent, as soon as reasonably practicable, to the applicants address - Contact Energy Ltd, PO Box 10-742 Wellington. Attention David Hall.

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Large areas of Alexandra risk drowning from man made problems, the result of allowing the build up of a massive amount of sediment in Lake Roxburgh for nearly 40 years, leading to higher flood levels. This has came about from the mismanagement of the running of hydropower schemes along the Clutha River  

The town of Alexandra and the immediate surroundings are not the only community that feels the effects of Contact Energy’s dams.


Not only the residents of Alexandra BUT all the residents along the Clutha River and other concerned citizens of New Zealand, should all have their say on Contact Energy's application for renewing their water rights.

It is not only for our own generation, but we should all be working on behalf of all future generations, for as long as hydro-schemes are operating.

Contact Energy is applying for a 35-YEAR water right to run the Roxburgh, Clyde and Hawea dams. They plan to continue to manage the river as they are currently doing, with the addition of some minor changes that are only for their own benefit.

Their present arrogant river management, and those in power, in not accepting the responsibility that comes with looking to the well being of the environment, has lead to the current situation of Alexandra having to have floodbanks built, on the cheap and as a PR exercise which is offered as a temporally solution. In the process, the building of the floodbanks has destroyed many Alexandra buildings homes and businesses, some of an historic nature.

 The root of the problem has been ignored and an environmental disaster is becoming more and more evident every day. Very soon the Cromwell district will be having to face up to similar problems that are now happening in Lake Dunstan, just as Alexandra is already experiencing.   

The Alexandra District Flood Action Society Inc. (ADFAS) is an organisation whose goal is to seek the best deal for the Alexandra district, community and environment as conditions at the time the water rights renewal are granted. Also we are here to offer assistance to any community or individual that has been effected in the past, present and in the future, by hydro-scheme development

There are two basic outcomes that will occur as a result of the water rights renewal.

Outcome 1. Contact Energy can continue to manage the river as they see fit. The Alexandra District becoming a town under siege, waiting for the big flood to hit which will submerge a large part of the town. The state of the Clutha River will become worse. The river ecology will continue to suffer as it continues to die slowly.    

Outcome 2. Contact Energy can continue to manage the river but with conditions.  One of the main conditions is that as part of the water rights renewal is to ensure Contact manage the river and act in a responsible manner. The river must be managed in such a way as to ensure that Alexandra District has in place all reasonable steps taken to protect her from flooding. To ensure the minimisation of all effects and compensation for any damage that arises from Contact Energy's neglect.

Some of the other major conditions will be the length of the renewal period, controls at Lake Hawea as requested by the Lake Hawea Guardians, sediment removal at Cromwell, improve the state of the river ecology, over come obstruction by the dams to the passage of fish and eels etc.

All of those can be found in Conditions to be placed on the renewing of Contact Energy Water Rights.

If you are happy with Outcome 1 then sit back and relax, or if you wish, put in a submission indicating that you have faith in Contact Energy to look after your interests while maximising their profits.

If you would like Outcome 2 then you must have your say and let the Commissioners making the decision know of your concerns.

The more people who put in a submission, the more likely that conditions are set not only to protect Alexandra, but all the interested parties along the river. The Commissioners involved in the decision making process need to know how the community truly feels.

To do this you need to have an understanding of the issues.

This web site is designed to inform you of the issues and let you know what steps you can take and how to take them. If you need assistance then ADFAS will provide assistance on request.

Please look around the web site and make yourself more aware of the issue. If you have questions, then e-mail ADFAS us and they will do their best to find you the answer.

If you require additional information or would like to contact ADFAS then e-mail