11/ 08/2001 THE SUBMISSION


Submission Timings

Contact Energy's application was notified - August 25 2001.

Submissions must be in with the ORC, Private Bag 1954, Dunedin by 5pm on 23 October 2001.

A copy must also be sent, as soon as reasonably practicable, to the applicants address - Contact Energy Ltd, PO Box 10-742 Wellington. Attention David Hall.

Why make submission?

Anybody can make a submission on what is or isn’t, and should be in a policy statement, or plan put out by the council - District or Regional, or for concerns on a variety of resource consent applications.

The submission is all about consideration of activities and their effects. We need to think about how our activities today can affect the future and do what we can to stop other peoples behavior that might damage the environment.

The main piece of legislation to help you is found in the Resource Management Act (RMA) that looks after the environment. The RMA is based on the idea of substainable management of resources, which encourages you to get involved in decisions related to our environment.

Most importantly, the RMA expects us to tell the Council what WE value about our environment, so that they can look after it for us. This is because we - as locals, are best placed to know our own surroundings, and we should be involved in deciding what needs to be protected and how.

The Specific Case - Contact Energy’s Application for Water Renewal Rights

You first need to see what activities have affected you in the past, the present and in the future by Contact Energy’s running of their hydro dam schemes on the Clutha River. Once dams are placed across rivers, the dynamics of the river change to the detriment of both what lives in the river, to the users of the river and those along the river.

This could have or will have an affect on recreation users of the river- fishing, boating etc, or as activities that are or will be causing harm to the environment, as well as changing the natural substainable management of the river resources.



The submission is of your experience on the affects of the activity it has had and will continue to have, in your own words to the Council. It doesn’t require being long, but must mention all aspects you may need to cover at a later hearing.

The Council does have a prescribed form that can be used, though your own typed submission writen following the format below, can often have more impact than the standard submission form.

Once all the preliminary details of the submitter have been completed the submission details follow.

(1) Support / oppose the application. You might like to add that it could be supported, but only with conditions.

The reasons for my submission is/are

(3) The Council with conditions would meet my submission by

I do / do not wish to be heard in support of my submission.

It leads more weight to your submission by attending the hearing. Hearings are to be informal and there is no cross examination by the applicant.

After signing and dating the submission the original is then posted to the Council, a copy to the applicant and keep a copy for your own records.



First you need to precisely define the issue(s), the remedy required and the conditions to be imposed. After looking at the causes and effects then you need to look at the Rules, the Plans and comply within the spirit and objective of the Plan, linking it to the Rules.

Once the strategy is formed - the goal, it is then only a question of following the submission format.



Putting the goal into practice

Is your goal objectives meet and then critically ask yourself, do I really know, how can I show I really know.



The original goes to the Council concerned that’s administrating the plan, notified the resource consent application and could be either the District Council or the Regional Council. With Resource Consents a copy must be served on the applicant.

Contact Energy’s application
Address for Council
Otago Regional Council
Private Bag 1954
Attention: Consents Administration

Address for service for Applicant
Contact Energy Ltd
PO Box 10 742
Attention: Resource Consent Application - Clutha River Water Rights