revised 7//7/01


The Alexandra District Flood Action Society Inc (ADFAS) have successfully applied to the Minister of the Environment for grant money to run five education sessions in July 2001 on the RMA and for advisory services. The education grants are for general educational services in relation to how to make a submission/ participate in the resource consent process, rather than for a specific resource consent application.


The workshops are on how to make a submission, will be conducted by Anna Johnson, a planning consultant in Dunedin who is also finishing a PhD on Public Involvement in Resource Consent Applications. Anna’s background is in environmental policy/ environmental sciences and formally worked as a planner for the Dunedin City Council. John Douglas as Project Manager, Research Co-ordinator organising the running of the workshops, will where required, provide Anna with assistance.

The format of these workshops are to include brief presentations on: how to effectively present a submission (written/ oral); the relevance of the legal framework (RMA background/ case law); and how to interpret the Assessment of Environmental Effects). Between the two of us we think we could help those attending, and as an educational example, put together some good submissions as part of a workshop exercise.

The second half of the workshop will be presented by Barry Lawrence of Queenstown who has for the last three years, acted as the Wakatipu Environment Society’s councilor, followed by general questions on all aspects of different types of applications.

While the workshops are focused on the submission process generally, the sessions will provide participants with the opportunity to ask any specific questions. Some of these questions could focus on Contact Energy’s Water Renewal Rights applications.

On this matter, ADFAS has contracted Michael Parker, a lawyer from Queenstown, to provide advisory services on general or specific questions of law that may relate to Contact’s applications. Several members of our group have also had experience with resource consent applications and can provide further assistance.


The first of the series of workshops will be held in Balclutha on Saturday July 14th in the Balclutha St Johns Rooms. The second will be in Roxburgh, Saturday July 21st

in the Council Memorial Hall, the third in Alexandra on Sunday 22 using the REAP Rooms, the fourth in Cromwell Saturday 28th July at the Otago Polytech and the fifth in Hawea Sunday 29th at the Hawea Community Centre.

In the mean time it is important for those attending, that you prepare any questions you wish to ask. For those interested in the Contact Energy application, and if possible, you thoroughly read Contact Energy’s application details now released and highlight anything you disagree with or don't understand. This will be used as a case study to help you for writing submissions, which may include requests for further information.

If you require additional information or would like to contact ADFAS then e-mail