Silt is the industrial waste of a dam

Industries are obliged by law to dispose of waste so that the environment and communities are not disadvantaged.


Building a dam on a river creates an artificial restriction, which interferes with the natural flow of water, stopping the sediment flowing down the river to the coast.

A dam will:

Contact Energy uses a cheap method of flushing to move silt deposits along the river, claiming this is effective. There is much evidence and research to claim that this is not so. Check our website

In the 45 years of its existence the Roxburgh dam, and now the Clyde dam, have generated billions of dollars from both dams, first for the Government, and now Contact Energy since 1995. Almost nothing has been spent on river management.

What are Contact Energy's plans for the future? They have:-

ADFAS strongly insists that Contact Energy must have in place a policy to reduce and control the silt deposits in both Lake Roxburgh and Lake Dunstan. Their policies must demonstrate BEYOND ARGUMENT that they will be effective.

ADFAS also considers that the time span of 35 years that Contact are seeking for the consent is too long. If controls do not work, or if advances are made in technology, the whole scenario may need urgent reconsideration. The time span should be reviewed every 5 years. The review should be by an independent commissioner and paid for by Contact Energy. If conditions were not being met, then Contact Energy would need to reapply for their water rights.

FEAR OF FLOODING:- One of the biggest concerns to the Alexandra Community is the FEAR of flooding. This is attributed to the massive build-up of sediment in the upper sections of Lake Roxburgh & Lower Manuherikia River which has raised the flooding level above pre-dam floods.

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